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NSS in our college

The National Service Scheme Unit of Rajkiya Engineering College, Kannauj was started in 2019. It functions under the Human Resource Development Ministry of India. The N.S.S. Unit of Rajkiya Engineering College conducts regular and Special camps, awareness programs, morning yoga classes etc. For the volunteers, blood donation to the needy and required patients is a laudable activity of the N. S. S. There is single N. S. S. Unit in this college. The volunteer strength is near about 150+ and it is growing by leaps and bounds as the students are highly enthusiastic and inspired to be a part of it. The N. S. S unit of our college provides innumerable opportunities to the volunteers to grow and develop their skills.. and come out as a responsible citizen.

The N. S. S unit of our college is parenting 5 nearby villages :

  1. Dyudha
  2. Parsaramau
  3. Aher
  4. Liluiya
  5. Balanpur

The unit is constantly working to make students vigilant about the needs and problems of the community and inculcating a sense of social and civic responsibility by conducting various events such as

  1. Swacch Bharat Abhiyan
  2. Matdata Jagrukta Abhiyan
  3. Plantation
  4. Catch the rain
  5. Blood donation camp
  6. Har ghar tiranga abhiyan
  7. Aazadi ka amrit mahotsav
  8. NSS Pathshala
  9. International Yoga Day

Mr. Abhishek Bajpai
(NSS program Officer)

Head Co-ordinator

Shalu yadav
CE , 3rd year

Lavdeep Singh
CSE , 3rd yaer

Technical Co-ordinator

Aditya Yadav
CSE 2nd Year

Media Co-Ordinator

Archit Shukla
CSE 2nd Year

Village Co-ordinator


Aditya Yadav
CSE 2nd year

Aditi Dubey
EE , 2nd yaer


Prachi Mishra
EL 2nd Year

Jay Sengar
EE 2nd Year


Lokesh Singh
CE 1st year

Ku Khushi
CSE 2nd Year


EL 2nd Year

EE 2nd Year


Prerna Kumari
EL 2nd Year

Kushagra Sharma
CE 2nd Year

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was conducted by The National Service Scheme(NSS) programme at Rajkiya Engineering College, Kannauj . Participated in the cleanliness drive organized by the institution under the programme ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. Students cleaned the campus and raised the slogan ‘One step towards cleanliness’. The campaign was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The volunteers cleaned the entire campus wearing gloves and collected all the litter in big bags for disposal. The volunteers were instructed to clean their hands with soap at the end.

Plantation Event

Trees promote a strong economy and can provide numerous resources to the people that need them. While cities are getting hotter, trees can reduce urban temperatures. They provide habitat and food for animals. Finally, trees are valuable green infrastructure to manage stormwater.
The NSS team of Rajkiya Engineering College, Kannauj organized a tree plantation programme at villages Dyudha, Parsaramau, Aher, Liluiya & Balanpur .
Our NSS volunteers extended the program by planting the tree saplings in and around the village. We have planted nearly 500 saplings in villages under our unit .

UBA Survey

The Mission of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan is to enable higher educational institutions to work with the people of rural India in identifying development challenges and evolving appropriate solutions for accelerating sustainable growth.
and for the same
NSS Coordinators and Volunteers of NSS unit of Rajkiya Engineering College, Kannauj went for household survey in villages adopted under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA). The students collected data that had been updated on the website of UBA.

Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is an initiative of the Government of India to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of independence and the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements. NSS team of our college conducted various activities under the “Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” program like a dedicated play explaining the importance of the independence for us, organizing flag march in the nearby areas, door-to-door awareness programmes, visiting the schools and making them aware of the campaign and motivating them to be a part of it and many more….

Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan

‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ is a campaign under the aegis of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav to encourage people to bring the Tiranga home and to hoist it to mark the 75th year of India’s independence. Our relationship with the flag has always been more formal and institutional than personal.
The idea behind the initiative is to invoke the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of the people and to promote awareness about the Indian National Flag.
NSS Unit of Rajkiya Engineering College , Kannauj glad to take part in this campaign . The students of the NSS unit distribute the National Flag in the villages and tell the importance of Tiranga .

Blood Donation Camp

A blood donation camp was organised by the National Service Scheme (NSS) unit of Rajkiya Engineering College Kannauj in collaboration with Government Medical College ,Tirwaganj , Kannauj . A team of two doctors and ten staff of the Medical College came for blood collection.
Blood donation camp began with the inaugural program at 9:30 a.m.. NSS Head Mr Abhishek Bajpai, NSS Coordinators(RECK), was the inaugurator of the program.

International Yoga Day

Our NSS unit observed International Yoga Day on June 21, 2022, with the inauguration given by our esteemed Registrar, “Dr. B.D.K Patro Sir.”

All college students took part in it, as well as pupils from practically every school, especially primary schools. We educated them on the value of yoga and even gave the participants a certificate.

NSS Paathshala

On  May  10th  of  2023,  we  launched  a  brand-new  programme called   NSS   Pathshala,   led   by   our   NSS   Programme   Officer Abhishek  Bajpai  Sir,  in  which  NSS  unit  members  go  to  nearby schools  to  educate  the  students  and  install  values  in  them.

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