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 A. Shukla, R. Patel,. Existence and Optimal Control Results for Second-Order Semilinear System in Hilbert Spaces. Circuits Syst Signal Process (2021). (Springer, SCI, IF 2.225).

Ajeet Singh, Anurag Shukla, Existence results for second-order semilinear stochastic delay differential equation. Math Meth Appl Sci. 2021; 1– 9. (Wiley, SCI, IF 2.32 ).

Ajeet Singh, Anurag Shukla, V. Vijayakumar, and R. Udhayakumar, 2021. Asymptotic stability of fractional order (1, 2] stochastic delay differential equations in Banach spaces. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 150, p.111095 (Elsevier, SCI, IF 5.94).
Author :
Dr. Anurag Shukla


 B Dwivedi, BDK Patro, V Srivastava, Shimpi Singh Jadon, LBR-GWO: Layered based routing approach using grey wolf optimization algorithm in wireless sensor networks, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Wiley Online Library, Volume , Issues , pp. e6603, 2021 ISSN number: 1532-0634, Impact factor: 1.536, Science citation indexed (SCI), DOI:

R Patel, A Shukla, Shimpi Singh Jadon, R Udhayakumar, A Noval increment approach for optimal control problem of fractional-order (1, 2] nonlinear systems, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences,
Wiley Online Library, Volume , Issues , pp. , 2021, ISSN number: 1099-1476, Impact factor: 2.321, Science citation indexed (SCI), DOI:

R Patel, A Shukla, Shimpi Singh Jadon, optimal control problem for fractional stochastic non local semilinear system, Filomat, Faculty of Sciences ad Mathematics University of Nis Serbia, Volume , Issues , pp. , 2021, ISSN number: 2406-0933, Impact factor: 0.844, Science citation indexed (SCI), DOI: .
Author: Shimpi Singh Jadon

 2021“Design and Investigation of SiGe Heterojunction Based Charge
Plasma Vertical TFET for Biosensing Application” ,,
Authors: Shailendra Singh, Amit Kumar Singh Chauhan, Gaurish Joshi , Jeetendra Singh
 2021 “Correlation study to identify the factors affecting COVID-19 case fatality rates in India”, ,
Author: Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay
 2021 Improved Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Gate Stacked Linearly Graded Work Function Vertical TFET,
Author : Shailendra Singh, Shilpi Yadav & Sanjeev Kumar Bhalla
 2021“Design and analysis of Fault Current Limiter based on the superconducting principle in the smart grid systems”,
Author : Shilpi Yadav , Shailendra Singh, Santosh Kumar Tripathi , Kamlesh Kumar Bharti Kumar, Vijay Kumar Tewari, Ashish Kumar Rao


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